Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Games of Tuesday, June 17

The standings

Kansas City       29     21       .580     ---
Seattle               30     26        .536    2
Chicago             26     23       .531     2.5
Philadelphia      26     24        .520    3
California          25     25       .500     4 
Montreal           24     26        .480     5
San Diego         24     27        .470     5.5
Cleveland          19     31       .380    10

Wednesday's games
California (Messersmith) at Cleveland (Williams)
Montreal (Robertson) at Chicago (Peters)
Philadelphia (Wise) at San Diego (Niekro)
Kansas City (Drago) at Seattle (Pattin)

Cleveland 3, California 2: Luis Tiant homered for the winning run and threw a complete game four-hitter, with both runs allowed unearned. Rudy May allowed four hits in seven innings, but one was a sixth-inning double (Ken Suarez) that followed three walks; Jay Johnstone gunned down Max Alvis at the plate to end that inning. Tiant homered with two outs in the seventh and retired the last 12 Angels he faced.

Chicago 4, Montreal 3: The White Sox unloaded for four runs in the eighth inning, getting doubles for Carlos May, Bill Melton and Bobby Knoop, to top the Expos. Steve Renko entered the inning with a four-hit shutout and a 1-0 lead through seven and wound up taking the loss. Danny Murphy was the winner with a scoreless eighth inning of relief, and Wilbur Wood got the save despite allowing two runs in the ninth.

Kansas City 7, Seattle 5: Bob Oliver drove in a pair of runs in the top of the ninth and Lou Piniella and Pat Kelly each scored twice as the Royals kept their position atop the standings. Mike Hedlund got the win with 1.2 innings of scoreless relief, and Moe Drabowsky got the last out by fanning Steve Whitaker with two on. John O'Donoghue (two runs in three innings) took the loss. Greg Goossen hit a three-run homer for the Pilots in the fifth off Jim Rooker, and Jim Pagliaroni also homered. Kelly hit a homer for the Royals off George Brunet. Oliver was 3-for-5 with a stolen base, and Piniella was 3-for-4.

Player of the Day: Luis Tiant, Cleveland

Monday, November 28, 2016

Games of Monday, June 16

The standings

Kansas City       28     21       .571     ---
Seattle               30     25        .545    1
Chicago             26     23       .531     2
Philadelphia      26     24        .520    2.5
California          25     24       .510     3 
Montreal           24     26        .480     4.5
San Diego         24     27        .470     5
Cleveland          18     31       .367    10

Tuesday's games
California (May) at Cleveland (Tiant)
Montreal (Renko) at Chicago (John)
Kansas City (Rooker) at Seattle (Brunet)

California 3, Cleveland 1: Four outfield errors -- two by Chuck Hinton and one apiece by Hawk Harrelson and Jose Cardenal -- resulted in all three runs for the Angels. Clyde Wright went the distance for California, allowing one run on three hits and retiring 16 in a row at one point. Sam McDowell allowed five hits in his eight innings, striking out 11 and walking none for the hard-luck loss.

Chicago 5, Montreal 4: Carlos May hit a three-run homer in the fifth to put the White Sox in front, and the Chicago bullpen threw five scoreless innings. Ron Fairly homered to lead off the game for Montreal, which took a 4-1 lead in the third inning. Jerry Nyman worked out of a bases-loaded jam in the seventh as part of his three inning relief stint, but Dan Osinski gets credit for the win and Wilbur Wood gets the save. Howie Reed (sevent innings, 10 hits, four earned runs) is the loser. Bob Bailey tripled and doubled with two RBIs for the Expos.

Philadelphia 6, San Diego 1: Dick Allen drove home two runs, Larry Hisle scored twice and Grant Jackson struck out  10 in eight innings in the Phillies win. Jackson walked three times and singled in four trips to the plate. On the mound, he scattered six singles and walked four. Clay Kirby (five innings, six runs, five hits and eight walks) was the loser for the Padres.

Seattle 11, Kansas City 6: Wayne Comer drove in six runs and Steve Hovley scored four runs as the Pilots outslugged the Royals. Ed Kirkpatrick hit a pair of homers for Kansas City, and Mike Fiore also homered for the Royals. Comer and Hovley each homered for Seattle, as did Mike Hegan. Bob Locker allowed one run in three innings of relief for the win. Hegan went 4-for-4, Hovley 4-for-5 and Comer 3-for 5.

Player of the Day: Wayne Comer, Seattle

Friday, November 25, 2016

Games of Sunday, June 15

The standings

Kansas City       28     20       .583     ---
Seattle               29     25        .537     2
Chicago             25     23       .521     3
Philadelphia      25     24        .510    3.5
California          24     24       .500     4
Montreal           24     25        .490     4.5
San Diego         24     26        .480     5
Cleveland          18     30       .375    10

Monday's games
California (Wright) at Cleveland (McDowell)
Montreal (Reed) at Chicago (Wynne)
Kansas City (Nelson) at Seattle (Marshall)
Philadelphia (Jackson) at San Diego (Kirby)

California 5, Cleveland 2: The Angels got two-out homers in the fourth inning from Jim Spencer and Bubba Morton to take the lead and the Indians never caught up. Cleveland's two runs came on Hawk Harrelson's two-run homer in the third inning. Lou Klimchock, who went 3-for-4 for Cleveland, committed a two-base error in the eighth that resulted in a pair of unearned runs for California. Tom Murphy got the win; he pitched seven innings, allowing two runs on six hits. Ken Tatum worked the ninth for the save. Dick Ellsworth (seven innings, three runs, seven hits) took the loss.

Montreal 9, Chicago 8: Ron Fairly's grand slam powered a seven-run sixth inning for the Expos, and they hung on to win the slugfest.  Mike Wegener got the win; he yielded three runs in five innings on six hits and two walks. Paul Edmondson, who escaped a pair of bases-loaded jams in shutting out Montreal for the first five innings, was charged with the first five runs of the sixth and took the loss. Claude Raymond got the last out of the ninth for the save. Fairly was 3-for-4 with a walk, two runs and four RBIs, and Ty Cline was 3-for-4 with a walk, two runs and a double for Montreal.

San Diego 7, Philadelphia 6: Larry Stahl's two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth turned a one-run deficit into a one-run win for the Padres. The Padres had led 5-1 after two innings, with Ollie Brown contributing a two-run homer. But Dick Kelley was in and out of trouble for six innings and gave up a two-run homer to Dick Allen in the fifth. The Phillies tied the game at six in the eighth and took the lead in the top of the ninth when Van Kelly kicked away a double-play grounder. But Bill Wilson, called upon to protect the lead, gave up a single to pinch-hitter Ivan Murrell and the fatal blast to Stahl. Tommy Sisk vultured the "W" after blowing the save in the eighth and giving up the lead in the ninth. Before the game, the Phillies reactivated Mike Ryan and demoted Jeff James. For the Padres, Roberto Pena was injured and is out two days. He will remain on the active roster.

Seattle 10, Kansas City 5: The Pilots cracked three home runs (Mike Hegan, Ray Oyler and Dick Simpson), and starter and winner Steve Barber at one point retired 11 straight Royals without a ball leaving the infield. Oyler also doubled and both scored and drove in two runs. Steve  Hovley went 3-for-4, scored twice, drove in a run and stole a base. Tommy Harper (Pilots) was injured and will sit three days. After the game, the Pilots demoted Simpson and returned Tommy Davis to the active roster. Simpson is eligible to return June 26.

Player of the Day: Larry Stahl, San Diego

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Games of Saturday, June 14

The standings

Kansas City       28     19       .596     ---
Chicago             25     22       .531     3
Seattle               28     25        .528     3
Philadelphia      25     23        .521     3.5
California          23     24       .489     5
Montreal           23     25        .479     5.5
San Diego         23     26        .469     6
Cleveland          18     29       .383    10

Sunday's games
California (Murphy) at Cleveland (Ellsworth)
Montreal (Wegener) at Chicago (Edmondson)
Kansas City (Bunker) at Seattle (Barber)
Philadelphia (Fryman) at San Diego (Kelley)

Kansas City 2, Cleveland 1: Bill Butler took a no-hitter into the sixth and wound up allowing four hits in eight innings for the win. Moe Drabowsky pitched around two hits and an error in the ninth for the save. Butler struck out seven and walked one. Steve Hargan (six innings, seven hits, two runs) took the loss. Max Alvis must sit the next game with an injury. He will remain on the active roster.

Chicago 10, Philadelphia 2: The Phillies saw their starter driven from the game early for the second straight game, as Rick Wise surrendered five runs in the first inning and left after two. Carlos May drove in a pair in the first inning and three more with a sixth-inning homer off John Boozer. Buddy Bradford followed May's shot with a solo homer. Bradford and Ed Herrmann each had a pair of RBIs, and four White Sox (Gail Hopkins, Bill Melton, May and Bradford) scored two runs apiece. Joel Horlen went seven innings for the win, allowing two runs on six hits and one walk. Gary Bell retired all six men he faced.

Montreal 2, San Diego 0: Bill Stoneman threw a six-hit shutout to outduel Al Santorini. Bobby Wine singled home Mack Jones in the seventh for the first run of the game, and in the eighth Ron Fairly scored on a Billy McCool wild pitch. Stoneman walked two and struck out six.

California 8, Seattle 4: Jim Spencer hit a grand slam, Jay Johnstone went 4-for-4 and Eddie Fisher tossed four innings of one-hit, shutout relief as the Angels downed the Pilots. Don Mincher and Mike Hegan homered for Seattle off starter and winner Jim McGlothlin. Fisher allowed just one baserunner to collect the save. Gene Brabender took the loss.

Player of the day: Bill Stoneman, Montreal

Monday, November 21, 2016

Games of Friday, June 13

The standings

Kansas City       27     19       .587     ---
Seattle               28     24        .538     2
Philadelphia      25     22        .531     2.5
Chicago             24     22       .521     3
San Diego         23     25        .479     5
California          22     24       .478     5
Montreal           22     25        .468     5.5
Cleveland          18     28       .391      9

Saturday's games
Kansas City (Butler) at Cleveland (Hargan)
Philadelphia (Wise) at Chicago (Horlen)
California (McGlothlin) at Seattle (Brabender)
Montreal (Stoneman) at San Diego (Santorini)

Cleveland 7, Kansas City 2: Tony Horton hit a pair of home runs for the Indians, who also got solo shots from Lou Klimchock and Luis Tiant. Horton went 3-for-4 with three runs and three RBIs. Tiant went the distance, allowing a two-run homer in the eighth to Lou Piniella and striking out eight. The Royals got six hits. Dick Drago (three runs in six innings) took the loss.

Chicago 8, Philadelphia 4: The White Sox knocked Grant Jackson out of the box in the first inning, rattling out six runs on five hits and a pair of walks. The biggest blow was a two-run double by Ron Hansen. Gary Peters went 8.2 innings for the win, allowing three earned runs on 10 hits; Gary Bell  retired Don Money with the bases loaded for the final out and the save. Dick Allen homered for the Phillies.

California 2, Seattle 1: Andy Messersmith threw a two-hitter for the Angels, and Jay Johnstone not only scored one of the California runs but threw Tommy Harper out at the plate. Messersmith walked fiveand struck out five; he also threw a pair of wild pitches to plate the sole Seattle run. Marty Pattin allowed two runs in six innings on five hits and three walks.

San Diego 3, Montreal 2: The Padres turned three singles and a walk into three runs in the sixth inning, and relievers Billy McCool and Frank Reberger pitched around extra-base hits in the eight and ninth innings to make the lead stand up. Winner Joe Niekro went seven innings, allowing two runs on six hits; he walked and struck out two. Jerry Robertson took the loss in five innings.

Player of the Day; Tony Horton, Cleveland

Friday, November 18, 2016

Games of Thursday, June 12

The standings

Kansas City       27     18       .600     ---
Seattle               28     23        .549     2
Philadelphia      25     21        .543    2.5
Chicago             23     22       .511     3.5
Montreal           22     24        .478     5.5
San Diego         22     25        .468     6
California          21     24       .467      6
Cleveland          17     28       .378    10

Friday's games
Kansas City (Drago) at Cleveland (Tiant)
Philadelphia (Jackson) at Chicago (Peters)
California (Messersmith) at Seattle (Pattin)
Montreal (Robertson) at San Diego (Niekro)

Kansas City 7, Cleveland 1: Despite the final score, this was a genuine pitchers duel, with Sam McDowell and Jim Rooker matching scoreless innings into the seventh. The Tribe broke through first, with Tony Horton singling home Jose Cardenal. But in the top of the eighth, Kansas City drew a pair of walks off McDowell, and Bob Oliver doubled both runners home, The Royals then exploded for five runs off the Cleveland bullpen in the top of the ninth to put the game away. Oliver totaled three RBIs with a pair of doubles.

Philadelphia 5, Chicago 0: Jeff James threw a six-hit shutout and was backed by homers from Dick Allen and Deron Johnson. Tony Taylor went 3-for-4 for the Phillies with a walk, a steal and a double; he scored one run. James walked three and fanned two.

Seattle 4, California 3: Diego Segui, Bob Locker and John O'Donoghue combined for four shutout innings of relief to protect the narrow lead for Seattle. Rich Rollins went 3-for-3 with a pair of doubles, an RBI and a run scored, and Wayne Comer homered and scored twice for the Pilots. George Brunet staggered through five innings (three runs, six hits, four walks) for the win. Rudy May allowed 11 hits and four runs in eight innings.

Player of the Day: Jeff James, Philadelphia

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Games of Wednesday, June 11

The standings

Kansas City       26     18       .590     ---
Seattle               27     23        .540     2
Philadelphia      24     21        .533    2.5
Chicago             23     21       .523     3
Montreal           22     24        .478     5
California          21     23       .477      5
San Diego         22     25        .468     5.5
Cleveland          17     27       .386      9

Thursday's games
Kansas City (Rooker) at Cleveland (McDowell)
Philadelphia (James) at Chicago (John)
California (May) at Seattle (Brunet)

Kansas City 8, Cleveland 4: Joe Foy hit a three-run homer in the top of the first for the Royals, and the Indians never got closer than that. Mike Fiore and Jerry Adair also homered for Kansas City, Roger Nelson threw four hitless innings before leaving with an injury; he will be able to make his next start. The Indians scored all four of their runs off Steve Jones in the seventh (two unearned); Mike Hedlund worked the final two innings for the save. Tom Burgmeier was credited with the win with two scoreless innings.

Chicago 10, Philadelphia 3: The White Sox rode a pair of big innings to the win -- four runs in the first, five more in the seventh. Bill Melton and Ed Herrmann each hit two-run homers in the first inning, and the White Sox took advantage of two Philly errors for five unearned tallies in the seventh. Billy Wynne allowed three runs, two earned on six hits in six innings for the win. Melton also doubled, walked twice and scored twice; Herrmann totaled three RBIs.

Montreal 7, San Diego 3: Mack Jones doubled home two runs in the first inning and brought in two more with a homer in the ninth to lead the Expos attack. Rusty Staub (2-for-4) also walked and scored three times. Steve Renko allowed two earned runs in seven innings for the win, and Dick Radatz allowed two hits and walked two but also induced two double-play grounders for the two-inning save in his debut.

California 6, Seattle 4: Jay Johnstone scored twice and drove in a run as the Angels held off the Pilots, who got a pair of home runs from Greg Goossen. Clyde Wright worked seven innings for the win; he allowed three runs on four hits and seven walks. Mike Marshall didn't make it through the fifth inning and took the loss. Jim Fregosi homered for California, and Roger Repoz was 2-for-4 with a double and a walk. The Angels have won their last six games.

Player of the Day: Joe Foy, Kansas City

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Games of Tuesday, June 10

The standings

Kansas City       25     18       .581     ---
Seattle               27     22        .551     1
Philadelphia      24     20        .545    1.5
Chicago             22     21       .517     3
San Diego         22     24        .447     4.5
Montreal           21     24        .467     5
California          20     23       .465      5
Cleveland          17     26       .395      8

Wednesday's games
Kansas City (Nelson) at Cleveland (Williams)
Philadelphia (Johnson) at Chicago (Wynne)
California (Wright) at Seattle (Marshall?)
Montreal (Renko or Reed) at San Diego (Kirby)

Cleveland 2, Montreal 1 (12 innings): Hawk Harrelson hit a two-out homer in the bottom of the 12th off Don Shaw to end a marathon of stranded baserunners. The Indians left 13 men on base, most of them against starter Bill Stoneman, who went six innings and allowed one run on seven hits and three walks. Shaw went 5.2 innings, allowing only one hit other than the Harrelson homer. Larry Burchart, who three three scoreless innings, got the win. Montreal left 16 on base in the contest, twice loading the bases with one out and getting just one run out of those chances. Shaw was deactivated after the game and Dick Radatz was called up. Shaw is eligible to return June 21.

Kansas City 7. Chicago 1: Jerry Adair drove in three runs on three hits and Wally Bucker threw a five-hitter in the Royals victory. Lou Piniella hit a solo homer and scored twice. Loser Paul Edmondson allowed five runs, all earned, in six innings. 

California 2, San Diego 0: Tom Murphy threw a four-hit shutout and Jim Spencer hit a solo homer for the Angels, who have now followed an eight-game losing streak with five straight wins. Murphy struck out three and walked one. San Diego starter and loser Gary Ross allowed one earned run on seven hits in 7.1 innings.

Seattle 11, Philadelphia 1: The Pilots popped four homers and a pair of triples in the rout. Steve Barber held the Phillies scoreless until the ninth, when he allowed two hits and threw a pair of wild pitches, and Jim Bouton entered to get the final two outs. Greg Goossen, Ray Oyler, Rich Rollins and Jim Pagliaroni all homered for Seattle. Goosen also tripled and singled. He scored three runs and drove in three. Rollins was 4-for-5 with a triple.

Player of the Day; Ken Harrelson, Cleveland

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Games of Monday, June 9

The standings

Kansas City       24     18       .571     ---
Philadelphia      24     19        .558    0.5
Seattle               26     22        .542     1
Chicago             22     20       .523     2
San Diego         22     23        .489     3.5
Montreal           21     23        .477     4
California          19     23       .452      5
Cleveland          16     26       .380      8

Tuesday's games
Montreal (Stoneman) at Cleveland (Ellsworth)
Kansas City (Bunker) at Chicago (Edmondson)
California (Murphy) at San Diego (Ross)
Philadelphia (Fryman) at Seattle (Barber)

Montreal 4, Cleveland 1: The Expos jumped on Luis Tiant for four runs in the first inning, and Mark Wegener and three relief pitchers made it stand up. Gary Sutherland's first inning single gave him a reached-base streak of nine plate appearances (six singles, two doubles and a walk) over three games. Wegener was pulled after walking in a run with two outs in the sixth inning; Claude Raymond, Carroll Sembera and Roy Face held the Indians to just two hits the rest of the way. Wegener allowed three hits but walked five in 5.2 innings. After the game the Expos deactivated Sembera and reactivated Don Shaw. Sembera is eligible to return June 20.

Kansas City 6, Chicago 5: Ed Kirkpatrick and Bob Oliver homered for the Royals, who led 5-0 at one point and held on. Bill Butler allowed one run in six innings for Kansas City, but the White Sox picked up two runs in the seventh off reliever Mike Hedlund, and Bill Melton hit a two-run homer in the ninth off Moe Drabowski after Walt Williams reached on a strikeout-wild pitch. Oliver (2-for-4) scored twice, and Kirkpatrick (2-for-4) had three RBIs, a walk and one of his team's three stolen bases (Joe Foy had the other two). Joel Horlen took the loss. Pete Ward of the White Sox must miss the next game with an injury. Don Paveltich of the White Sox had a 15-day injury; he will be replaced on the roster by Angel Bravo and is eligible to return on June 25.

Seattle 6, Philadelphia 5: Deron Johnson's throwing error in the eighth inning allowed Ray Oyler to score the go-ahead run and steal the game from the Phillies, who scored four runs in the first inning but couldn't make that margin last. Mike Hegan's two-run double highlighted a four-run seventh for Seattle. Oyler doubled and walked twice for Seattle, scoring two runs. Bob Locker and John Gelnar (winner) combined for 3.1 hitless innings of relief. Dick Allen homered for Philadelphia, and Larry Hisle tripled twice and added a single in five at-bats. John Boozer took the loss.

California 6, San Diego 2: Jim Spencer and Bill Voss each went 4-for-5 for the Angels, and Jim McGlothlin allowed one run on five hits in seven innings. The Angels tattooed Al Santorini for four runs on four singles, a walk and a pair of sac flies in the third inning, and added two more runs -- another on a sac fly -- in the fifth. The Angels survived a pair of errors by second baseman Sandy Alomar and another by shortstop Jim Fregosi.

Player of the Day: Ed Kirkpatrick, Kansas City

Monday, November 7, 2016

Games of Sunday, June 8

The standings

Philadelphia      24     18        .571     ---
Kansas City       23     18       .561     0.5
Chicago             22     19       .537     1.5
Seattle               25     22        .532     1.5
San Diego         22     22        .500     3
Montreal           20     23        .465     4.5
California          18     23       .439      5.5
Cleveland          16     25       .390      7.5

Monday's games
Montreal (Wegener) at Cleveland (Tiant)
Kansas City (Butler) at Chicago (Horlen)
California (McGlothlin) at San Diego (Santorini)
Philadelphia (Wise) at Seattle (Brabender)

Montreal 3, Cleveland 2: Gary Sutherland went 5-for-5 and doubled home a pair of runs in the eighth inning. He also scored the Expos' other run. All his damage came off losing pitcher Sam McDowell, who went 7.1 innings, allowing three runs on 10 hits. Gary Waslewski allowed two runs on eight hits in seven innings. Claude Raymond walked two and allowed a hit in 1.1 innings, and Carroll Sembura retired the last two batters for the save.

Chicago 7, Kansas City 6: Gail Hopkins and Carlos May each hit a pair of home runs for the White Sox; each drove in three runs and scored twice, although Hopkins also doubled. Gary Peters went seven innings, allowing two runs on six hits for the win. Paul Edmondson allowed three runs in the eighth, and Wilber Wood worked a one-run ninth for the save. Dick Drago took the loss for the Royals.

Seattle 6, Philadelphia 2: Ray Oyler and Tommy Harper homered in the Pilots' four-run fourth inning, and the Phillies lost not only the game but two more regulars to injury. Marty Pattin went six innings for the win, allowing one run on three hits and four walks; he struck out four. Jim Bouton pitched the other three innings for the save, allowing a solo homer to Deron Johnson. Bill Champion yielded all six runs in six innings; one of the runs was unearned. Tony Taylor is out for two games for the Phillies and Johnny Callison eight games; both will remain on the active roster. Callison is eligible to play on June 17.

California 8, San Diego 2: Andy Messersmith took a no-hitter into the sixth inning, and the Angels got homers from Jim Fregosi and Jim Spencer to rout the Padres. The game was scoreless for five innings, but Fregosi's two-run homer off Joe Niekro opened the floodgates for a five-run inning. Messersmith left for a pinch-hitter after laboring through the seventh. Ed Spiezio of the Padres was injured (two games) and will remain on the active roster.

Player of the Day: Gary Sutherland, Montreal

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Games of Saturday, June 7

The standings

Philadelphia      24     17        .585     ---
Kansas City       23     17       .575     0.5
Chicago             21     19       .525     2.5
Seattle               24     22        .521     2.5
San Diego         22     21        .511     3
Montreal           19     23        .452     5.5
California          17     23       .425      6.5
Cleveland          16     24       .400      7.5

Sunday's games
Montreal (Waslewski) at Cleveland (McDowell)
Kansas City (Drago) at Chicago (Peters)
California (Messersmith) at San Diego (Niekro)
Philadelphia (Champion) at Seattle (Pattin)

Kansas City 4, Chicago 3: Jim Rooker hit a two-run homer and pitched into the seventh inning for the win. Rooker allowed three runs on four hits, but he walked three men in the seventh and four for the game. Buck Martinez also drove in a pair of runs for the Royals off losing pitcher Tommy John, who allowed four runs in six innings. Moe Drabowsky and Dave Wickersham got the final seven outs without allowing a hit. Ellie Rodriguez was injured for one day and will remain on the Royals roster.

Cleveland 14, Expos 4: Hawk Harrelson hit a three-run homer in the second inning that effectively ended Jerry Robertson's start, and the Indians piled up an eight-run fifth in routing the Expos. Steve Hargan went seven innings, allowing four runs, for the win. Jose Cardenal scored twice and drove in a pair for the Indians, who garnered 19 hits off five Expos pitchers (Robertson, Howie Reed, Claude Raymond, Larry Jaster and Roy Face). The only extra-base hits were Harrelson's homer and a double by Eddie Leon.

California 5, San Diego 1: Rudy May threw a complete-game four-hitter, allowing just one baserunner over the final six innings, and Jim Fregosi (3-for-5) homered and drove in two runs for the Angels. Tom Egan also had two RBIs for California. Ed Spiezio homered for the Padres in the second inning.

Philadelphia 4, Seattle 3: Dave Watkins hit a pair of solo homers and Johnny Callison added another off George Brunet to back Grant Jackson. The lefty went eight innings, allowing three runs on seven hits. All three Seattle runs came in the third, when Tommy Harper hit a solo homer and Greg Goossen a two-run shot. Bill Wilson faced three left-handed pinch-hitters in the ninth; one singled, but another grounded into a double play to end the game.

Player of the Day: Dave Watkins, Philadelphia