Monday, December 22, 2014

The schedule

All series are best of seven. They will use the standard TV-era format: 2 games at Team A, an off day, three games (as needed) at Team B, an off day, two games (as needed) at Team A. There will be one off day to follow. For purposes of calculating pitcher rest, assume that all seven games were needed. For example, if a team sweeps a series, it has five off days (Game 5, off day, Game 6 Game 7, off day.)

In bracket play, the higher seeded team gets home field. In the first round of the John, Paul and George brackets, the team with the most wins gets home field.

Once to the round of four, home field first goes to the higher seed. (If a ninth or lower Ringo seed emerges, it will be treated as if it were the seed of the team it beat in the first round; i.e, the 15th seeded Padres would be regarded as a No.2 seed.) If two evenly seeded teams meet, home field goes to the one with the most wins in their given season, If that is even, home field goes to the team with the better winning percentage in the tournament. If that is even, draw lots.

In the round of four, the winner of the John bracket will face the winner of the Ringo bracket. The winner of the Paul bracket will play the winner of the George bracket.

All rounds will be completed before beginning the next round.

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