Sunday, October 2, 2016

Games of Sunday, May 25

The standings

Chicago             16     12       .571     ---
Philadelphia      16     13        .551   0.5
San Diego         16     13        .551    0.5
California          15     14       .517     1.5
Kansas City       15     14       .517     1.5
Seattle               16     16       .500     2
Montreal           13     17        .433    4
Cleveland          10     18        .357    6

Monday's games
Chicago (Edmondson) at Montreal (Stoneman)
San Diego (Kelley) at Philadelphia (Johnson)
Cleveland (McDowell) at Kansas City (Nelson)
Seattle (Gelnar) at California (Wright)

Chicago 11, Montreal 4: Don Pavelitch drove in four runs, three on a pinch-hit double, and Carlos May added three more RBIs on a homer and triple for the White Sox. Daniel Murphy got the win in relief; Dan McGinn took the loss. May also walked twice and scored three runs. The Expos reactivated Bob Bailey before the game and deactivated John Boccabella; Bocabella will be eligible to return June 4. Ken Berry of the White Sox was injured (8 games); he comes off the roster and is replaced by Angel Bravo and is eligible to return June 5.

Seattle 5, California 3: Greg Goossen hit a three-run homer and Wayne Comer a solo shot, while Steve Barber struck out nine Angels in 7.1 innings. California got homers from Jay Johnstone and Billy Cowan. Bob Locker got the final five outs for the save. 

Player of the Day: Carlos May, Chicago

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