Sunday, March 8, 2015

George bracket: Athletics (09) sweep Athletics (69)

Game One: 09 Athletics 2, 69 Athletics 0
WP: Cahill (1-0)
LP: Hunter (0-1)
HR: K Suzuki (1)

Game Two: 09 Athletics 2, 69 Athletics 0
WP: B. Anderson (1-0)
LP: Odom (0-1)
Save: Bailey (1)

Game Three: 09 Athletics 5, 69 Athletics 1
WP: Braden (1-0)
LP: C. Dobson (0-1)
HR: Cust (1)

Game Four: 09 Athletics 4, 69 Athletics 3
WP: G. Gonzales (1-0)
LP: Nash (0-1)
Save: Bailey (2)
HR: Cust (2), Bando (1), A Kennedy (1), M Ellis (1)

The unheralded pitchers of the 2009 Oakland Athletics smothered their 1969 rivals, allowing just four runs in the entire series. The 69 A's led after just two innings in the four games.

Catcher Kurt Suzuki set the tone for the series in the very first inning. In the top of the frame, he homered off Catfish Hunter; in the bottom of the inning, he gunned down base-stealing whiz Bert Campaneris.

Hunter allowed two runs in the top of the first, the other scoring on a Campaneris throwing error. Those were the only runs of the game, as Trevor Cahill spun a complete-game four-hit shurout. and allowed no hits in the final four innings.

Brett Anderson was, if anything, even better in Game Two, although he "only" went eight innings. He also allowed four hits, but walked just one while striking out eight.

The 09 A's again got all they needed in the first inning. Blue Moon Odom got the first two hitters, but then Matt Holliday tripled, Daric Barton singled and Suzuki tripled.

The 69 A's, shutout for their two home games, opened Game Three with a run off Dallas Braden, Campaneris scoring on a Sal Bando groundout. But in the bottom of the inning, Campaneris committed another error, and Barton doubled the tying run home. The 09 A's took the lead for good with a Jack Cust homer in the fourth and plated three runs in the sixth off Chuck Dobson.

Game Four opened with the 69 A's scoring in the first and third innings, Bando again supplying the RBIs on a single and a homer. But in the bottom of the third, Mark Ellis homered,, Rajai Davis walked and Adam Kennedy homered to tie the game at 3. Cust homered in the fourth to give the '09 team the lead, and starter Gio Gonzalez plus relievers Mark Wuertz, Josh Outman and Bailey made it stand up for the sweep.

Player of the series: Could go to almost any pitcher on the 09 Athletics, but we'll give it to Cahill for the complete game shutout.

Pitcher availability: All will be fully rested for the second round.

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