Tuesday, June 2, 2015

George bracket: End of Round 1

Teams advancing: 2009 Red Sox, 2009 Padres, 2009 Athletics, 1969 Orioles, 1969 Cubs, 2009 Phillies, 2009 Royals, 1969 Dodgers.

Teams eliminated: 1969 Red Sox, 1969 Padres, 1969 Athletics, 2009 Orioles, 2009 Cubs, 1969 Phillies, 1969 Royals, 2009 Dodgers.

Five 2009 teams advance, three 1969 teams advance.

Four of the series went the full seven games. Two went six games, and two were sweeps. None went five games. Of the maximum 56 games, 48 were played.

The second round will involve one no-DH series (1969 Cubs-2009 Phillies) and three partial DH series (09 Red Sox-09 Padres, 69 Orioles-09 A's, 69 Dodgers-09 Royals). There will be no all-DH series.


There were two notable upsets: The 1969 Dodgers knocked off the 09 Dodgers, a result that eliminated one of the prime candidates to win the tournament, and the 2009 A's swept the 1969 A's. The '69 A's had enough holes that they probably weren't a top contender in the tourney, byt they did win 88 games, and the '09 A's were 13 games worse.

An upset of a milder sort was the 2009 Royals topping their 69 predecessor. The 69 Royals were a first-year expansion club, but they did have a better won-loss record than the '09 team.

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