Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paul bracket: End of Round 1

Teams advancing: 1969 Astros, 1969 Braves, 2009 Indians, 1969 Pilots, 2009 Reds, 1969 Senators, 1969 Tigers, 2009 Yankees.

Teams eliminated: 2009 Astros, 2009 Braves, 2009 Brewers, 1969 Indians, 2009 Rangers, 1969 Reds, 2009 Tigers, 1969 Yankees

Five 1969 teams advance, three 2009 teams.

Four of the series were decided in five games, two in six, two in seven, Forty-six of the potential 56 games were played.

This is the one bracket in which this is relevant for the first round: An American League team (69 Pilots) defeated a National League team (2009 Brewers).

There will be one all-DH series in the second round (2009 Yankees-2009 Indians); the other series will be entirely no-DH.


Upsets in this bracket: The 1969 Pilots over the 2009 Brewers was noteworthy because the Pilots are the one first-year expansion club to advance, The 1969 Reds, winner of 89 games, fell to a 2009 Reds team that won 78. Neither result eliminated a likely championship contender.

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