Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Round 2 recap: John bracket

Advancing: 09 Angels, 09 Giants, 69 Twins, 09 White Sox.

Eliminated: 09 Cardinals, 69 Mets, 09 Nationals, 09 Pirates.


Two of the series went six games, one went five, one went four. Of the 28 possible games, 21 were played.

Three American League teams advanced, one National League team. Three 2009 teams advanced, one 1969 team. The DH will be used in part of both third-round series. The 1969 and 2009 teams split their head-to-head matchups.


There was one clear upset, the 2009 White Sox defeating the 2009 Cardinals. The 1969 World Series champion Mets were ousted by the 2009 Angels, but that was not a genuine surprise.

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