Sunday, September 27, 2015

Round Two recap: Paul bracket

Advancing: 69 Astros, 69 Pilots, 09 Reds, 09 Yankees.

Eliminated: 69 Braves, 09 Indians, 69 Senators, 69 Tigers


There were two seven-game series, one five-game series and one four-game series. Of 28 potential games, 23 were played.

Two 1969 teams advanced, two 2009 teams. The one series that pitted a 2009 team against a 1969 team went to the 2009 Reds.

Two American League teams advanced, two National League teams. NL teams won two of the three AL-NL matchups.

One third round series will involve the designated hitter.


There was one truly notable upset -- the 1969 Seattle Pilots topped the 1969 Atlanta Braves. But in two other series, a team with a lesser regular season record won.

The 2009 Yankees are now in a position to reach the final four without facing a team with a winning regular season record.

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