Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Round 2 recap: Ringo bracket

Advancing: 87 Blue Jays, 87 Cardinals, 87 Giants, 87 Twins.

Eliminated: 87 Astros, 87 Expos, 87 Rangers, 87 Royals.


One series went seven games, one went six games, two went five games. There were no sweeps. Of the 28 possible games, 23 were played.


As the Ringo bracket was made up solely of 1987 teams and had the American and National League teams grouped together, the four surviving teams are all from 1987 and evenly split between AL and NL. There were no true upsets. The third round pairing of the Giants and Cardinals matches the real life NLCS of 1987, won by St. Louis in seven games. Three of the four teams were in the real life post-season, with the Blue Jays the exception.

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