Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Series 4: Quakers sweep Orioles

Orioles 4-9, Quakers 7-5

Game One: Quakers 11, Orioles 5
WP: Faber (2-1)
LP: Cuellar (0-2)
HR: Powell (2), Blair 2 (2), B Robinson (1), Carey (1)

Game Two: Quakers 7, Orioles 5
WP: Kaufmann (2-0)
LP: McNally (0-2)
Save: Blake (1)
HR: Perez (3), Blair (3)

Game Three: Quakers 9, Orioles 7
WP: Jacobs (1-0)
LP: Phoebus (0-2)
Save: Blake (2)
HR: F.Robinson (6), Rettemund (1), Powell (3)

Baltimore pitching was bombed for 27 runs in the three games.

Max Carey hit a three-run homer off Mike Cuellar in the third inning for the home team Quakers in the series opener. The score was 3-1 Guilford entering the bottom of the sixfth, when the Quakers turned six singles and three walks into seven runs. Johnny Evers and Tony Perez each drove in two runs in the inning. Red Faber, who had four hitless innings to start the game, allowed homers in each of the last four innings but completed the game anyway.

Guilford erupted earlier in the second game, raking for five runs in the first inning. Perez hit a two-run homer off Dave McNally, and Rabbit Maranville had a two-run triple. The Orioles scored twice in both the eighth and ninth innings to pull within two, but Sheriff Blake retired Boog Powell with the bases loaded to end it.

The Quakers had another five-run first in the finale, as Tom Phoebus walked four men in the inning. Frank Robinson hit a grand slam off Elmer Jacobs in the fifth to make it 7-5 Gulford, but Hank Greenberg promptly doubled home two more runs in the bottom of the inning. The Orioles hit a pair of solo homers in the eighth and ninth innings off Rip Wheeler before Blake entered with two men on to retire Frank Robinson, Powell and Paul Blair to earn another save. Evers scored three runs for the Quakers.

Pitcher availability: Blake should not be allowed to pitch more than an inning in the Quakers' next game, and preferably not that. Keen should sit two more games. Dick Hall should sit the next game at least for the Orioles and preferably two. If Lopez pitches in the Orioles next game, he should sit a game for each inning.

Projected rotations: For the Quakers, Ted Lyons-Faber-Aldridge-Kaufmann-Lyons. For the Orioles, Palmer-Cuellar-McNally-Hardin-Phoebus.

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