Sunday, May 8, 2016

Series 16: Orators take two of three from Orioles

Orators 22-25, Orioles 20-28

Game One: Orioles 10, Orators 9
WP: Leonhard (1-3)
LP: Danforth (1-1)
Save: Richert (4)
HR: F Robinson (16), Ashburn (2), Hendricks (5)

Game Two: Orators 7, Orioles 2
WP: Jenkins (7-5)
LP: Phoebus (2-5)
HR: Hendricks (6), Cuyler (6)

Game Three: Orators 10, Orioles 2
WP: Shocker (5-3)
LP: Cuellar (4-5)
HR: F Robinson (17)

The Orators averaged 8.7 runs and 13.3 hits per game in the series against the Baltimore pitching staff.

The first game featured late-inning fireworks, as the Orioles put up a pair of four-run innings in the eighth and ninth while the Orators scored four in the eight but only managed one in the ninth. Richie Ashburn was 5-for-5 for Ortonville with three runs and four RBIs; he had a three-run homer in the eighth and also doubled and walked. For Baltimore, Elrod Hendricks and Frank Robinson each had two-run homers, Hendricks in the eighth and Robinson in the ninth.

A Mark Belanger error in the third inning of the second game opened the door to four Ortonville runs. Ferguson Jenkins was given a 7-0 lead after four innings and went the distance, allowing seven hits and one earned run. Baltimore relievers Dave Leonhard and Dick Hall retired all 12 men they faced.

The finale was a rout, as the Orators scored three in the second, four in the third, one in the fourth and two in the fifth -- this despite grounding into three double plays in the four innings. Kiki Cuyler went 3-for-4 for the game with three runs. Urban Shocker went the distance for the Orators, allowing two runs on eight hits.

Pitcher availability: After two straight complete games, the Orators bullpen is fully rested. For the Orioles, Dick Hall should sit the next game. Lopez worked two innings in the finale.

Projected rotations: Orators -- Davis-Sutton-Jenkins-Wingard-Shocker. Orioles -- McNally-Palmer-Hardin-Cuellar-McNally-Phoebus

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