Thursday, January 21, 2010


Home park: Greenlee Field

Frank Duncan (c)
Louis Santop (c/rf/1b)
John Beckwith (3b/ss/1b/c)
Ray Dandridge (3b/2b/ss)
Sammy T. Hughes (2b)
Home Run Johnson (ss/2b)
Dick Lundy (ss/2b)
Frank Warfield (2b/3b/ss/cf)
Oscar Charleston (cf/1b)
Fats Jenkins (lf/cf)
Alejandro Oms (cf/lf/rf)
Wild Bill Wright (rf/cf/lf)
Chet Brewer
Roosevelt Davis
Leon Day
Big Bill Foster
Verdell Mathis
Bullet Joe Rogan (p/cf/2b/lf/rf)
Sam Streeter
Ted Trent

Projected standard lineup
1) Oms, lf
2) Lundy, ss
3) Charleston, cf
4) Beckwith, 1b
5) Wright, rf
6) Santop, c
7) Dandridge, 3b
8) Hughes, 2b

Comments: Beckwith the worst defender of the regulars, and he's better than a few 1b in this league ... the rest of the infield (and the outfield) is all 1s. ... Charleston, Beckwith and Wright a formidable middle of the order ... Rogan a realistic OF option ... Johnson may take some time from Hughes ... Oms not really a leadoff hitter ... Five quality starters (Rogan, Foster, Day, Trent, Brewer) but no real obvious bullpen ace.

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