Thursday, January 21, 2010

Setting up the NeL teams

I have solved the problem of how to divvy up the Negro Leaguers among four teams.

The key concept was the notion of making one a big-offense, minimal defense team; another a high defense, small-ball team. As it worked out, the stars were fairly well distributed by the time I got done.

The NeL teams will bear the names of legendary squads of Black ball and will play in Negro League parks.
  • Homestead (Stars Park) is the minimal defense team.
  • X-Giants (Rickwood Field) is the small-ball squad; it also got no pitchers allowed to start every fourth game, and it got most of the pitcher/position players. It is the one team in the league with nine pitchers.
  • Hilldale (Hilldale Park) and
  • Crawfords (Greenlee Park) fill out the group.

Since I did not conduct a draft per se, the rosters will not be presented in draft order.

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