Thursday, January 21, 2010


Home park: Hilldale Park

Larry Brown (c)
Quincy Trouppe (c/lf/rf/2b)
Newt Allen (ss/2b)
Sam Bankhead (ss/lf/cf/2b)
Tank Carr (1b/cf/3b/rf)
Judy Johnson (3b/ss)
Buck Leonard (1b)
Willie Wells (ss)
Jelly Gardner (rf/cf)
Spot Poles (cf/rf/lf)
Turkey Stearnes (cf/rf/lf)
Cristobal Torriente (cf/rf/lf)
Bill Byrd
Andy Cooper
Dizzy Dismukes
Eggie Hensley
Willie Powell
Dick Redding
Smokey Joe Williams
Nip Winters

Projected standard lineup
1) Wells, ss
2) Johnson, 3b
3) Leonard 1b
4) Stearnes cf
5) Torriente rf
6) Trouppe c
7) Poles lf
8) Allen 2b

Comments: A real-life manager would probably put Poles leadoff, Wells second and drop Johnson into the bottom half, and that might be what happens ... Very LH in the middle ... No weak point on defense ... Williams and Redding head a deep starting staff ... May put those two on four-man rotation, run Byrd, Dismukes and and Winters around them ... Cooper the clear relief ace ...

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