Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Garfields

I have completed the HoF draft to my satisfaction. I'll start posting rosters in chronological order, starting with the Garfields.

Home Park: Royals Stadium

First round freezers:
1) King Kelly (rf/c/3b/ss/2b)
2) Buck Ewing (c/rf/1b/3b)
3) Ed Delahanty (lf/cf/1b/2b)
4) Cy Young (sp/rp)
5) Sam Thompson (rf)
Taken by Obamas: Kid Nichols (p)

Second round:
6) Hughie Jennings (ss/1b/1b)
7) George Davis (ss/3b)
8) John Ward (ss/2b)
9) Jimmy Collins (3b)
10) Hugh Duffy (lf/cf/rf)
Taken by Obamas: Billy Hamilton (of)

Third round:
11) Roger Connor (1b)
12) Old Hoss Radborne (sp/rp)
13) Mickey Welch (sp)
14) Amos Rusie (sp/rp)
15) Cap Anson (1b)
Taken by Obamas: Joe Kelley (of)

Fourth round:
16) John Clarkson (sp/rp)
17) Tim Keefe (sp)
18) Pud Galvin (sp)
19) Al Spalding (sp/rp)
20) Jesse Burkett (lf/rf)

Likely standard lineup
1) Jennings, ss
2) Davis, 3b
3) Connor, 1b
4) Delahanty, lf
5) Thompson, rf
6) Ewing, c
7) Duffy, cf
8) Ward, 2b

Comments: Perhaps should have frozen Nichols over Thompson, but wanted to keep what power was available ... Welch, Keefe and Galvin are not coded for relief; Spalding, Rusie, Clarkson and Radbourne will carry the bullpen load. ... Five 300-game winners (Young, Keefe, Welch, Galvin and Clarkson) for the rotation ... No LH pitchers. ... I suspect Kelly will find his way into the lineup with some frequency ... This actually looks like a good defensive team. That lineup is 1s and 2s throughout. Duffy is a 1 at all three OF positions... It's kind of amusing to put Cap Anson in a division with four all-black teams. Not that Anson was unique in his racial views; I would guess that pretty much everybody on this team would have agreed with him. ... Some noted boozers here.

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