Friday, January 22, 2010

Parks and other stuff

The rosters are set. The bookshelves have been completed, the table cleared.

And I settled on home parks for the teams.

The NeL set came with a list of prominent NeL parks, and I stuck to that list when selecting parks for those teams. The HoF set came with the 2008 park effect sheet. I found the 1993 and 1988 sheets plus an undated one that I believe was the first set of park effects, probably 1987. The HoF teams can use any park from those four, plus the major league parks on the NeL list.

Here's the list and details (team rosters updated):

Division A
Teddys: PNC Park (2008): Single 1-12 L&R; HR 1-7 L, 1 R
Franklins: Old Yankee Stadium (NeL): S 1-2 L, 1-2 R; HR 1-3 L, 1-8 R
Ikes: Wrigley Field (2008): S 1-10 L&R; HR 1-13 L&R
Kennedys: Montreal (1988): S 1-10 L&R; HR 1-10 L&R
Obamas: US Cellular (2008): S 1-2 L, 1-5 R; HR 1-17 L, 1-17 R

Division B
Crawfords: Greenlee Field: S 1-8 L, 1-10 R; HR 1-14 L, 1-4R
Garfields: Royals Stadium (1993): S 1-11 L, 1-14 R; HR 0 L, 1-2 R
Hilldale: Hilldale Park: S 1-6 L&R; HR 1-14 L, 1-16 R
Homestead: Stars Park (NeL): S 1-16 L, 1-19 R; HR 1-12 L, 1-19 R
X-Giants: Rickwood (NeL): S 1-2 L, 1 R; HR 1-5 L, 1-2 R

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