Thursday, January 21, 2010


Home park: Stars Park

Josh Gibson (c/lf/1b/rf)
T.J. Young (c)
Rev Cannady (2b/ss/1b/3b)
Dobie Moore (ss)
Tubby Scales (2b/ss/3b)
Mule Suttles (1b/lf)
Jud Wilson (1b/3b/lf/2b)
Willard Brown (cf/lf/ss)
Heavy Johnson (lf/rf/c/cf)
Jimmie Lyons (lf/cf/rf)
Hurley McNair (lf/rf/cf)
Chino Smith (rf/2b)
William Bell
Dave Brown
Ray Brown
Max Manning
Leroy Matlock
Satchel Paige
Harry Salmon
Frank Wickware

Projected standard lineup
1) Scales, 2b
2) Smith, rf
3) Gibson, c
4) Wilson, 3b
5) Suttles, 1b
6) Johnson, lf
7) Brown, cf
8) Moore, ss

Comments: Big bats, small gloves. The lowest OPS in the regular lineup is .901, Dobie Moore, and he hit .346. ... Six of the eight have SLG of .600 or better ... But Scales, Wilson, Suttles and Johnson are dismal defensively ... Paige anchors the staff, of course, with the Browns and Manning close behind ... Matlock looks impressive ... Will try to avoid starting Bell at home. He may wind up as the bullpen ace.

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