Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Other rules and comment

The schedule will be posted next. Each team will play 60 games total, six home and six away against each of the other five teams. No divisions, no post-season series.If there is a tie, a one-game playoff will be played; if there is a multiple tie, we'll devise a tie-breaker accordingly.

Injuries will be for the duration of the game only.

The four teams using Hall of Fame cards will not vary their lineups (batting order, yes). This rule does not apply to the Flashes catchers, who are not HOF. There are bench players for each team with 1924 cards good enough to take playing time, if not the regular job, away from the HOF card. But (to use one example) Johnny Bassler will not beat out Ray Schalk. The bench players are there to pinch-hit and fill in for injuries. The HOF position players will start every game, including catcher.

For purposes of pitcher rest, there are no days off or double headers, even though the schedule has a mix of two-game, three-game and four-game series. The HOF starters will start every four games; the asterisked 1924 and 1969 pitchers can start once on four days, but the next time around will get an extra day.

Super-advanced rules, including closer ratings, are in play, but not the home-run steal and plate blocking rules.

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