Monday, December 14, 2015

The teams: Lincoln Park Black Caps

The roster for the Black Caps, home park 1924 Chicago AL:

Spoony Palm
Bill Perkins

Dave Malarcher
Ghost Marcelle
Buck O'Neil
Art (Superman) Pennington
Alec Radcliff
Dick Seay
Bonnie Serrell

Jerry Benjamin
Charles Blackwell
Vic Harris
Red Parnell
Neil Robinson
Frog Redus

Phil Cockrell
Andy Cooper
Rube Currie
Bill Drake
Bill Holland
Verdell Mathis
Webster McDonald
Hilton Smith
Sam Streeter
Tom Williams

Also eligible to be activated: outfielders Jimmy Crutchfield and Chaney White and infielder Newt Joseph and Dewey Creacy.

Thoughts: The six repeated pitchers from the Presidential League are Cooper, Mathis, McDonald, Smith, Streeter and Williams. My plan is to anchor the two Hall of Famers, Cooper and Smith, in the bullpen and treat the other eight as spot starters/relievers. I might try something even more radical.

There is no obvious middle of the lineup. Indeed, I'm not sure there's a position player I want in the lineup on a daily basis. Probably Serrell at second base. It's a deep and flexible roster in a league in which the rest of the lineups are essentially fixed, and the pitching may be better than most of the HOF teams. I don't really know what to expect from this team. It might be noncompetitive; it might be really good. I suspect I will enjoy this team from a managerial perspective, because I will be able to juggle the lineup.

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