Monday, December 14, 2015

The teams: Guilford Quakers

The Quakers will use 1924 Wrigley Field as their home park.

C: Rick Ferrell
1B: Tony Perez
2B: Johnny Evers
3B: Joe Tinker
SS: Rabbit Maranville
LF: Hank Greenberg
CF: Max Carey
RF: Larry Doby

P1: Red Faber
P2: Ted Lyons

The rest of the roster:

Bench: Spark Adams (IF), George Grantham (IF), Denver Grigsby (OF), Cliff Heathcote (OF), Hack Miller (OF), Bob O'Farrell (C), Jigger Statz (OF)

Pitchers: Vic Aldridge, Sheriff Blake, Guy Bush, Elmer Jacobs, Tony Kaufmann, Vic Keen, George Milstead, Rip Wheeler

Also eligible to be activated: Bob Barrett (IF), Hooks Cotter (IF), Bernie Frieberg (IF), Charlie Hollocher (IF),Ray Grimes (IF), Otto Vogel (OF), Butch Weis (OF). Ineligible: Pete Alexander (P), Gabby Hartnett (C)

Thoughts: Doby, Greenberg and Perez give this team the most long-ball punch of anybody in the league other than perhaps the Orioles. Max Carey is a renowned leadoff hitter. Beyond that, the offense isn't impressive. Good up-the-middle defense, but issues in three of the corners. Aldridge is definitely the third starter, and Keen may be used mainly as the closer.

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