Sunday, December 13, 2015

Welcome to the Leftover League

With the 40-years Tourney complete, my next solo Strat project will be a six-team league centered on players from the 2000 Hall of Fame set and the Negro Leagues set who were not used in the Presidential League.

The Leftovers League's six teams will be as follows:

The 1969 Baltimore Orioles will serve as something of a control. How good would a lineup of (essentially) second-line Cooperstown inductees be? The Orioles are a very high-quality real-life team, representative of one of history's greatest dynasties; pitting them against four such Hall of Fame teams intrigues me. (The O's get the use of their three Hall of Fame players; Brooks Robinson and Jim Palmer, who were not used in the Presidential League, will not be used on any of the Hall of Fame squads of this league.) Their home field, of course, will be Memorial Stadium, 1969. It will be the only team in the league  not using a 1924 park.

The Lincoln Park Black Caps will be compiled from the 19 position players and four pitchers from the NeL set who were not used in the Presidential League. Six pitchers will be recycled from the Presidential League, with a preference for the pitchers who were least used in that league. There will be no Cooperstown inductees among the position players, and my expectation is that this will be the least competitive of the six teams. Their home park will be Comiskey Field, 1924

The Fordham Flashes will be a HOF theme team, the theme being teammates of Frank Frisch. Seven of the eight positions (and two pitchers) can be covered with Cooperstown inductees unused in the Presidential League, although that requires using George Kelly (primary position first base) at second base. Catcher is the only vacant position. The rest of the Flashes roster will come from the 1924 Giants, with some supplement from other teams because seven members of the '24 Giants are Cooperstown inductees and their single-season cards thus ineligible for this league. The Polo Grounds, 1924, will be their home park.

Kelly, Fred Lindstrom, Joe Medwick, Chick Hafey, Ross Youngs, Burleigh Grimes and Jesse Haines will be on the Flashes. Bill Terry and Jim Bottomley will be entered in the first base drawing for the other three HOF teams; if one is drawn, the other will be assigned to the Flashes. Dave Bancroft, Travis Jackson and Rabbit Maranville will be entered in the shortstop pool (and Jackson in the third base pool as well); if two of them are pulled, the third will be the Flashes shortstop.

The other three teams have been assigned a specific catcher. The Ortonville Orators will have Jim O'Roarke; the Raymond Rams will have Ray Schalk; and the Guilford Quakers will have Rick Ferrell. Schalk is the one player from the Hall of Fame set who will be repeated from the Presidential League.

These three teams will draw players from position pools, with the draw order reset at random for each position. If a multi-position player is drawn, that position will be added to the player's other position(s) for that team. For example: If Rod Carew is drawn at first base, the undrawn first basemen will be included in that team's second base pull; if that team then pulls Orlando Cepeda, both first base and second base will be added to that team's left field pool. A team with an expanded pool will pull last; if two teams have expanded pools, the one with the larger pool will pull last. Positions will be drawn by scoring order after catcher, with two pitchers selected per team after the position players.

Also to be pulled are the three supplemental teams to fill out those rosters. The three teams are the most average of the 1924 teams: the St. Louis Browns, the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers. This pull will also provide the home park for their assigned teams.

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