Saturday, April 9, 2016

Series 13: Orioles take two of three from Black Caps

Black Caps 17-20, Orioles 15-24

Game One: Orioles 6, Black Caps 5
WP: McNally (2-4)
LP: Cockrell (1-5)
Save: Watt (2)
HR: Parnell (1), Pennington (8)

Game Two: Orioles 6, Black Caps 0
WP: Palmer (3-4)
LP: Currie (1-2)
HR: B Robinson (8)

Game Three: Black Caps 6, Orioles 1
WP: Drake (4-1)
LP: Phoebus (2-4)

Baltimore benefited from four Black Caps errors that resulted in four unearned runs in the series opener. Alec Radcliff and Art Pennington hit homers to give the Black Caps a 5-1 lead after three innings, but Dave McNally steadied after that and the Lincoln Park fielding fell apart behind Phil Cockrell, who allowed six hits in 8.1 innings. Don Buford scored four runs for the visiting Orioles.

Jim Palmer threw a seven-hit shutout in the second game and drove in the first two runs with a second inning single. The Black Caps loaded the bases with one out in the fourth, but Palmer struck out Bonnie Serrell and and got Dick Seay to ground out to escape. Brooks Robinson hit a two-run homer off Hilton Smith in the seventh; he was 3-for-4 with two runs, two RBIs and a walk.

Lincoln Park salvaged the last game with a four-run rally in the sixth. Alec Radcliff had four RBIs for the game, and Charles Blackwell went 3-for-4 with two runs, two doubles, a steal, an RBI and a run. Bill Drake went eight innings, allowing six hits.

Pitcher availability: For Lincoln Park, Drake needs three games to relieve, four to start; Currie needs two games to relieve, three to start; Cockrell needs one game to relieve, two to start. Andy Cooper pitched one inning in the finale. All other pitchers are fully rested. For the Orioles, Dave Leonhard went two innings and Pete Richert one in the finale.

Projected starters: Orioles -- Cuellar-McNally-Hardin-Palmer-Cuellar-McNally-Phoebus-Hardin.
Black Caps -- Holland-Streeter-Williams? (Mathis, Cockrell)

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