Monday, July 26, 2010

Series 10: Garfields sweep Franklins

Franklins 15-10, Garfields 8-16

Pitcher use: Keefe and Grove need three games, Vance and Galvin need two games. Rusie pitched two innings in finale.

Game One: Garfields 8, Franklins 3
WP: Radbourne (1-0)
LP: Vance (1-2)

Game Two: Garfields 7, Franklins 6
WP: Keefe (3-3)
LP: Grove (3-4)
Save: Rusie (1)
HR: DiMaggio (4), Gehrig (7)


The previously hapless Garfields have now won four of five after stinging the Franklins, who entered the series sporting the league's best record.

Aggressive use of personnel marked the Garfields' opening win. Pud Galvin was pinch-hit for in the bottom of the fourth inning. That situation came to naught, but the Garfields racked up seven runs in the next two frames, with Roger Connor and Sam Thompson each driving home a pair of runs.

Old Hoss Radbourne got the win with three innings of one-run relief.

Tim Keefe and Lefty Grove dueled in the second game, with Grove holding the better of it into the bottom of the sixth. But the Garfields tied the score at three in that frame, then broke through with three runs in the seventh and another in the eighth.

Amos Rusie staggered to a two-inning save, allowing three runs in the ninth.

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