Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Series 9: Teddys sweep Obamas

Obamas 12-10, Teddys 12-10

Pitcher use: Ryan and Mathewson need three games; W. Johnson and Alexander need two games' Chesbro, Brown and Plank need one game. Gomez, McGinnity and Bender each pitched two innings in finale.

Game One: Teddys 5, Obamas 4
WP: Brown (3-1)
LP: Plank (3-2)
HR: Foxx (7), J. Robinson (1)

Game Two: Teddys 10, Obamas 8
WP: Alexander (2-4)
LP: W. Johnson (3-2)
Save: Rixey (2)
HR: Gehringer (1), F. Robinson (8)

Game Three: Teddys 4, Obamas 3 (11 innings)
WP: Bender (1-0)
LP: Willis (0-1)
HR: Mantle (7)


Same teams, different parks, different results.

The Teddys roughed up Eddie Plank in the seventh and eighth innings of the opener. The lefty had allowed just three harmless hits through six innings, but the Teddys racked up eight hits in the final two frames. Sam Crawford had a double and a triple with two runs and two RBIs.

Three Finger Brown also went the distance despite late struggles; he allowed solo homers in the eighth and ninth.

The Teddys got going early against Walter Johnson, scoring in all five innings the Big Train worked for a total of 10 runs on 17 hits. The Obamas made a game of it by putting up a five-spot on Pete Alexander in the sixth, and ultimately forced the Teddys to bring Eppa Rixey in to get the last out.

Eddie Collins went 4-for-5 with three runs and two doubles. Honus Wagner and Nap Lajoie each had three RBIs.

Game three was the first computer-driven game of the league, and it didn't go without glitches. In my opinion, the computer manager, which handled the visiting Obamas, messed up the ninth inning.

Problem One: In the top of the ninth, with the Obamas leading 3-1, the CM opted to pinch-hit Joe Kelley for Nolan Ryan. I would have stuck with Ryan, but it's a marginal call, and had I hit for Ryan, I would have used Kelley -- then used Kelley in left as a defensive upgrade for Billy Hamilton.

Instead, the CM wasted Kelley's glove. Worse (Problem Two), it brought in Jack Chesbro to open the ninth. Colby Jack, by my rules, wasn't eligible to pitch in this one, having worked three innings in the previous game. Anyway, Ed Walsh is the assigned closer.

But Chesbro was announced, and I couldn't override that selection. He allowed a single to Home Run Baker, then walked Roger Breshanan. This brought up Shoeless Joe Jackson, who has stayed in after pinch-hitting for Christy Mathewson in the sixth. At this point, (Problem Three) the CM brought in Plank.

Again, I couldn't override this selection. But I couldn't allow Plank to pitch, either. I re-ran the Jackson AB until it resulted in a reading on the hitter's card, then brought in Lefty Gomez. The resulting single will be charged to Gomez on my stat sheets. The CM stuck with Gomez for the blown save. Gomez pitched a scoreless 10th, then gave way to Vic Willis, who allowed single, single, ground out, wild pitch to take the loss in the 11th.

I have yet to figure out how to post the box score and game report to this blog. It's giving me an error reading, and I don't know why. It is my intent to run this league in larger form (162 game seasons) on the computer, but that won't come until this manual league is complete.

I suspect the Chesbro and Plank issues are related to this being, as far as CM knows, an exhibition game. The Kelley-Hamilton issue is debatable managerial stuff. I will not let the CM run the next game I experiment with, at least if it involves a contender.

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