Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Notes from the quarter pole

The league is a bit more than 25 percent done, really. Six teams have played 13 games, four have played 12. Thirteen games is about 29 percent of the season, 12 is about 27 percent.

Anyway ... time to set down a few thoughts about this league so far.

* Time to take a break from the games and update the stats. The bookkeeping is a real chore, and probably the biggest reason I'm contemplating buying a PC laptop and getting the computer version of Strat.

* If/when I do that and try this league again, the Franklins will NOT have Paul Waner on the roster. I rostered Waner to have a second first baseman, but Lou Gehrig doesn't have an injury on his card (duh), and I'm not going to pinch-hit for Gehrig, so the only reason for Gehrig to leave a game is for a pinch-runner. Meanwhile, the backup CF to Joe DiMaggio (who DOES get hurt) is Mel Ott, and the backup LF to Babe Ruth is DiMaggio. Kiki Cuyler or Max Carey would be a lot more helpful, even if neither was the hitter that Waner was.

* Another team for which flexibility is proving an issue is the Ikes. The Ikes should have protected Jackie Robinson in Round 2 rather than Enos Slaughter.

* Only three teams are above .500 at this point. It's too soon to say for sure that the Obamas and Homestead are the class of the divisions, but that's the way it looks right now.

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