Sunday, March 28, 2010

Series 7: Kennedys sweep X-Giants

Kennedys 10-7, X-Giants 8-9
Pitcher use: Radcliffe and Seaver need three games, Donaldson needs four games. R. Foster can pitch short relief in one of next two games.
Game One: Kennedys 9, X-Giants 8
WP: Koufax (1-1)
LP: Dihigo (1-3)
HR: Morgan (2), CP Bell (1)
Game Two: Kennedys 3, X-Giants 2
WP: Seaver (2-1)
LP: Donaldson (1-2)
HR: Bench (2), Hill (1)


Two very different games with very similar endings — walk-off homers from the Big Red Machine.
The Kennedys jumped out in front in the opener with a seven-run first inning. Rube Foster faced nine men and got none of them out.
Double Duty Radcliffe, who had started behind the plate, relieved Foster with six innings of one-run ball, during which time the X-Giants had a six-running inning of their own off Juan Marichal. Three of those runs were unearned, as George Brett and Robin Yount committed consecutive errors. (Each would have another boot later in the game, but neither resulted in any damage).
The X-Giants tied the game with two runs in the top of the eighth. Martin Dihigo and Sandy Koufax match each other with a shutout inning of relief, but in the bottom of the ninth Joe Morgan took Dihigo deep to end it.
The X-Giants opened the second game with a single by Cool Papa Bell and a homer by Pete Hill. But Tom Seaver shut them down the rest of the way, allowing just six hits for the game. Seaver walked none, struck out four and retired the final 10 men he faced.
John Donaldson looked like he could make those two early runs stand up. Luis Aparicio singled home Robin Yount for a run in the fifth, and Donaldson worked around a Henry Aaron triple in the sixth. But Harmon Killebrew led off the ninth with a double, Brett moved pinch-runner Reggie Jackson to third, and Johnny Bench followed with a home run.
Donaldson allowed six hits, walked four (three of them Killebrew) and fanned five.

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