Thursday, November 11, 2010

Series 15: Kennedys, Garfields split

Kennedys 17-18, Garfields 15-21

Pitcher use: Gibson and Keefe need three games, Carlton and Galvin two, Spalding one. Drysdale pitched 1.3 innings in finale, Niekro and Rusie one each.

Game One: Kennedys 6, Garfields 3
WP: Carlton (3-4)
LP: Galvin (1-5)
Save: Fingers (7)
HR: Morgan (5), Aaron (9)

Game Two: Garfields 10, Kennedys 8
WP: Spalding (2-2)
LP: Gibson (5-3)
Save: Rusie (3)
HR: Morgan (6), Yastrzemski 2 (6), McCovey (5)


Joe Morgan knew how to get things going. He and his Kennedy teammates couldn't keep it going all the way through the series.

The Kennedy second baseman led off both games with home runs. In the first game, he added two more hits, a steal and another run; in the finale, he followed his homer with an 0-for-4.

Hank Aaron hit a two-run bomb in the first game as well, and Steve Carlton allowed two earned runs in eight innings on nine hits for the win. He walked none and struck out four.

Bob Gibson, staked to a 4-0 lead after the first inning of the second game, didn't fare so well. A pair of three-run homers from Carl Yastrzemski and a solo shot by Willie McCovey gave Gibson an 8-3 lead after five innings, but the Garfields parlayed two walks and two triples into three runs in the sixth and turned three singles and two doubles into four more runs in the seventh. King Kelly had three RBIs and Jesse Burkett scored twice in the two rallies.

Al Spalding allowed a pair of hits in three shutout innings of relief for the win. Amos Rusie loaded the bases with one out in the ninth but wriggled off the hook.

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